More About Superbrands

20/08/2019 11:20
Award giving bodies are now a dime a dozen, seemingly creeping out of the woodwork. You have color coded awards and precious metal awards that come in multiple layouts and star shaped configurations. Each claims the best of whatever, but are they real?
Do the award giving bodies have, or worse, promote integrity? Before answering that question, we should first identify what award giving bodies are:
  • All award giving bodies are a business
  • They categorize one way or another, brand performance
  • They promote integrity one way or another
  • They generate awareness of their existence to attract participants
  • They quanlify and perhaps quantify their deliverables
But who has integrity and who doesn't Who has deliverables and who doesn't Most award giving bodies are seemingly bogus with no deliverables other than to tag on to existing publications. Some are compiled easy-reading, short story materials or lifestyle magazines