Superbrand - Advertising

20/08/2019 11:21

In advertising and marketing parlance, "consumerables" are not only what you find on the supermarket shelves, but also in offices, cinemas, sports fields and nearly anywhere. What do yogurt and celebrities have in common? Airports, politcians and hamburgers? Lawyers, doctors, and diesel trucks? They all want you to want them, termed "CONSUMER PREFERENCE". Not only in general, but quite specifically.

They will always want you to choose them over the alternative - called competition. Good examples provide information to help you choose: how long the've been around, how successful they are, how economically they fit your budget. Best examples condense all this information into a representation by a single image or idea, known as the "BRAND". Far more than a logo on a package or a name on a screen, it's "shorthand" for everything you feel about or think of a commodity when you see or hear its brand title. Positive and influential perception is called "brand success".