How do we identify and remember brands when close to 30,000 are launched annually? More specifically - What makes a brand successful?

Band success is determined by consumers. In the simplest but most powerful component of brand success, consumers vote for brands with every trip past the cash register, with every appointment amde, with every ticket purchased. Consumer votes say they agree with and believe in what the brand represents, and that it is doing its job well.



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This is why the smartest brand custodians know who really owns a brand. It is not the person or company who created it, but the consumer for whom it was created. Brand custodians dutifully carry out deliverables and brand promise. The consumer's choice is an integrated benefit of the brand. Its image, its integrity, and its promise are merely deliverables that should never be compromised.

Before that, and perhaps a bit more "behind-the-scenes", brand success comes from the ability of the product, service or person to make consumers want it. If it (or he or she) fills their targeted needs with the best combination of price, quality, aesthetics, availability, and results, that success becomes represented by the brand. It is this side of the equation that Superbrands examines.

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The decision of the consumer, which determines brand succes is unique and intimate to each person who makes it. But efforts made by the brand makers follow established concepts and guidelines. Superbrands not only celebrates those brand makers who are best at their jobs, but also reaveals how they achieved their valued positions.